Tuesday, December 27, 2011


He was not there.

The traitor who calls himself Blacklight was not there when we attacked the 'knights'. Did not... become apparent, under the attack of the 'Oracle'. Nancy wanted revenge, wanted to kill him, should have been apparent he was not there.

He is going to go after us now, I think. should be...

I shall entreat the Master have mercy on me and grant me a portion of His strength that I may continue to fight to the end. I have come this far, there are but a few more things that need attending...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tick Tock

Nancy and I were able to enter the 'knight''s hideout with minimal resistance. The organization was quite small from the beginning, never consisting of many more than about 50 people at one time, and having lost around 20 members in the Blackwelder incident, they were woefully understaffed. We sent a dozen to hell before they brought out the big guns. Scarlet was more than a little agitated at our appearing, and decided this would be a fine time to to test drive one of their abominations.

The 'knights' had been recently performing some unholy experiments with the Master's bl00d. Not bl00d, but there are no mortal terms with which to compare it. They injected it into four of their followers, creating a devilish looking creature. One of them chewed off half of my hand before I was able to decapitate it. So tired. Lost an eye to another and then stabbed my cane through its heart. Nancy fared slightly better, fought the other two off and only lost a finger.

Getting too old for this. Only a little bit longer.

Faced down Scarlet and her elite guard then. If we could have finished them off it would have been over then. Then again, I suppose it would not have mattered either way. The 'Guardians' arrived then. Breakaway sect, or at least that is why the 'knights' claim they hate them. In reality, the 'Guardians' were around first; they infiltrated the 'knights' to steal information, and may also have been responsible for misleading them to get them massacred against Ridley's team. The 'Oracle' was swift and deadly, beheading Scarlet before she even knew what had hit her. Cannot continue. The rest of the guard were down quickly enough, leaving only Nancy and myself standing.

"I apologize, Iscariot. But I did have my eye on her first."

I was only barely able to block his first attack, but I was less fortunate with his second. Broke my leg. Then they left. Don't know what the point of it was. Could hear police sirens outside. Nancy had to drag me onto the Path. Was not...

It burned my lungs as I passed through it. Never before have I had that happen to me. I no longer feel within me the powers the I once possessed. I...

The 'knights' are no more. There are just a few more tasks left for me to do.

Nearly the end.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I was following another one of those 'knights' through the city earlier this week when I took notice that someone else in the crowd appeared to also be trying to keep up with my target. A young woman, about 20 I would guess. Light dark skin, black hair cut above the shoulders, brown eyes, scar down the right side of her face. She was small, no more than 5 feet; skinny, but slightly muscular. A handgun and hunting knife were concealed beneath her jacket. She was a decent enough stalker, though she never did seem to notice me during our nice little stroll. I dropped back, deciding I would allow her to continue tracking the primary target, while I cut him off at his destination. By this time, I have become quite familiar with the places my enemies' frequent in this city.

By the time I arrived, it seemed they had started the party without me. They had not even bothered going all the way to their final destination, choosing instead to get things rolling in a nearby alley. I have not been as quick as I was, not since one of their people put a railroad spike through my leg. The 'knight' was kneeling on the ground, his right hand grasping the girl's left, attempting to keep her hunting knife away from him. His left hand was beneath the heel of the girl's boot. His weapon, a sort of knife I am unfamiliar with, was lying a few yards off next to some garbage. The girl was indeed strong, but the 'knight' was soon able to throw her off and make for his blade. I decided it was time I intervene. The city, being crowded as it was, did not lend itself well to use of firearms. To many people to hear. Thus I choose a different weapon for this occasion. The 'knight' grabbed his blade. My cane broke his hand.

The 'knight' screamed and swung at me, striking my bad leg. Pain shot through my body, but I did not allow my enemy a moment's respite, swinging my cane up and into his jaw. The girl there suddenly and jumped on the 'knight', pushing her knife to his throat. She demanded he tell her the location of one called 'Blacklight'. How unoriginal. The 'knight' would not speak. I bade the girl to let my try my hand at getting some information out of him. I pressed my fingers to the 'knight''s temples and felt his memories flow into my mind, not too freely, but whatever mental shield he had was not keeping me out very well. I sifted through his mind and found the location of the boss, which I then disclosed to the girl.

I stood, intending to be on my way then, having obtained what information I needed as well. Behind me, I heard the sound of the 'knight''s throat being slit and soon felt the unmistakeable tingle that told me there was a loaded gun being pointed at the back of my skull. The girl was obviously not so worried about someone hearing. She demanded information. So we chatted a while. As it happens, she is also a servant of my Master. This 'Blacklight' person was a member of her team for some time before he betrayed them to the 'knights'. Intrigued, and eager to learn any helpful information about my foe, I inquired further and discovered the identity of her team.

For those of you following Ridley, you will know her as the one he called Death's Head. She is actually a rather nice young lady, if a tad bit... jumpy. She had gotten separated from Legacy's squad while they were in that place, after Sullivan/Blacklight's initial attack threw everything into chaos. She managed to escape, coming out about 400 miles away and five or six days before Ridley and the others did. After learning of what had taken place, and finding that a good number of these 'knights' were still free, she went after them, hoping to kill Blacklight for having killed Legacy. And so that brings us to now. Almost.

I have set this post to not go up until after we have made it into their hideout. My dear Scarlet, I do hope you will not mind us dropping in unannounced.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Re: Knights


ssh0uld be deadyet

y0u DAMN r3dlight wannabe. did y0u like that? i h0pe y0u did, i wr0te it myself, just especially f0r y0u

It appears that Ridley has obeyed my instructions and sent the lady to train with Dr. Abendroth. Good. Everything needs to be kept quite shipshape and orderly; too many people going their own way and there would be too many variables in the equation. There are too many variables in the equation as it is, but not so many yet that we are unable to keep the situation under control. Everything is moving along smoothly. I would very much like to keep it that way.

Ridley, you just keep doing what you are doing. We shall meet again when it is necessary.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is this madness I feel?

Was it madness that made me kill the child? Or was it madness that made me believe she ever existed in the first place? I freed myself from their manipulations, so then it must be my own mind that is working against me now. It was inevitable, I suppose. No mortal can long control such knowledge as I have come to possess and old age has not made it any easier. Perhaps I was even wrong about them, perhaps it was all in my head to begin with.

No, that is not true.

However, it is too late. These fools do not realize that what they worship is only a servant Itself, and not the Master. Not the true Master. They must be punished for their blasphemy.

I killed seven of them the other day. And then I killed Dolly. That is to say, I killed the idea. Oh, they were right. I am quite mad. Praise be to the Lord and to his Dark Angel. Them I shall continue to serve until my last breath.

The madness has begun, time runs short. The END is near, my children.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth

I have been gone for awhile, haven't I? I do apologize, my children.

However, in that time I have done some thinking. Pondering. It has been rather quiet here. I have had my duties, as always, but for the most part it has been rather quiet. As these things go, of course. My mind was tampered with. How much of what happened was indeed my own fault I cannot say. How much of what I said even actually happened, I cannot say. The runners were there, that much is certain, for the girl remains with Ridley. Dolly is still here with me, though it seems her memories were also tampered with. Lucifer has returned from the dead, it seems. Or was he even dead to begin with? Everything about the Princess remains true, you have Miss Fiona's own blog for proof of that.

I am still here in Maine, though I have traveled some using the Path. I believe I had found something out. It was this 'PRIEST' fellow that has been... following Ridley lately. He or it gave me a clue when they left those last two posts over on the old blog. Some people had been stalking me. How amusing. So we decided to follow them back and learn what we could. My memory fails me here. I remember things from the last month and a half, such as the events described over on Miss Fiona's blog. However, much of the rest of the time I find unaccounted. Upon inquiry, others have commented on my whereabouts during these times, yet I do not recall such things.

Some new power, I fear, has begun manipulating me. Or perhaps more likely, it is the same power which has been doing this from the start. Master has not been around, I must meet with Him as soon as possible.

Until I return, my children.