Thursday, December 15, 2011


I was following another one of those 'knights' through the city earlier this week when I took notice that someone else in the crowd appeared to also be trying to keep up with my target. A young woman, about 20 I would guess. Light dark skin, black hair cut above the shoulders, brown eyes, scar down the right side of her face. She was small, no more than 5 feet; skinny, but slightly muscular. A handgun and hunting knife were concealed beneath her jacket. She was a decent enough stalker, though she never did seem to notice me during our nice little stroll. I dropped back, deciding I would allow her to continue tracking the primary target, while I cut him off at his destination. By this time, I have become quite familiar with the places my enemies' frequent in this city.

By the time I arrived, it seemed they had started the party without me. They had not even bothered going all the way to their final destination, choosing instead to get things rolling in a nearby alley. I have not been as quick as I was, not since one of their people put a railroad spike through my leg. The 'knight' was kneeling on the ground, his right hand grasping the girl's left, attempting to keep her hunting knife away from him. His left hand was beneath the heel of the girl's boot. His weapon, a sort of knife I am unfamiliar with, was lying a few yards off next to some garbage. The girl was indeed strong, but the 'knight' was soon able to throw her off and make for his blade. I decided it was time I intervene. The city, being crowded as it was, did not lend itself well to use of firearms. To many people to hear. Thus I choose a different weapon for this occasion. The 'knight' grabbed his blade. My cane broke his hand.

The 'knight' screamed and swung at me, striking my bad leg. Pain shot through my body, but I did not allow my enemy a moment's respite, swinging my cane up and into his jaw. The girl there suddenly and jumped on the 'knight', pushing her knife to his throat. She demanded he tell her the location of one called 'Blacklight'. How unoriginal. The 'knight' would not speak. I bade the girl to let my try my hand at getting some information out of him. I pressed my fingers to the 'knight''s temples and felt his memories flow into my mind, not too freely, but whatever mental shield he had was not keeping me out very well. I sifted through his mind and found the location of the boss, which I then disclosed to the girl.

I stood, intending to be on my way then, having obtained what information I needed as well. Behind me, I heard the sound of the 'knight''s throat being slit and soon felt the unmistakeable tingle that told me there was a loaded gun being pointed at the back of my skull. The girl was obviously not so worried about someone hearing. She demanded information. So we chatted a while. As it happens, she is also a servant of my Master. This 'Blacklight' person was a member of her team for some time before he betrayed them to the 'knights'. Intrigued, and eager to learn any helpful information about my foe, I inquired further and discovered the identity of her team.

For those of you following Ridley, you will know her as the one he called Death's Head. She is actually a rather nice young lady, if a tad bit... jumpy. She had gotten separated from Legacy's squad while they were in that place, after Sullivan/Blacklight's initial attack threw everything into chaos. She managed to escape, coming out about 400 miles away and five or six days before Ridley and the others did. After learning of what had taken place, and finding that a good number of these 'knights' were still free, she went after them, hoping to kill Blacklight for having killed Legacy. And so that brings us to now. Almost.

I have set this post to not go up until after we have made it into their hideout. My dear Scarlet, I do hope you will not mind us dropping in unannounced.


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