Friday, January 27, 2012

Five O'Clock

We are in Ridley's town presently.

The trail we were following went cold about two days back, but it matters not. We know this is where he has come. I shall pay a visit to my dear old friend soon. It really has been too long since we were in touch.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time is nothing to him

We caught up with the traitor today. It was a small scuffle, nothing more, but in the end we did lose him again. Unfortunate, but I believe this may be the design of fate. I have been feeling that I should meet up again with Ridley soon, and from what I can tell it is in this direction which the traitor leads us.

For whatever reason he seeks to find my comrade, perhaps it is best that we let him do so.


Monday, January 9, 2012

The Swing of the Pendulum

The Master granted me my wish and healed me. I am yet in great pain, but it matters not. The Master's will is the only thing that matters.

We are going after Blacklight. I think I have an idea as to his ultimate objective now. They will be safe though. They shall not fall to the hands of a foul traitor such as this.

It occurs to me that I may have been neglecting this blog concerning he purpose for which it was made. There are many things which I have neglected to speak of here. I know the purpose of my awakening now. Though it may be better to leave that to others. They come fast upon solving the riddle behind everything, and it would not do for me to reveal things when they are so close to the truth.

I never did get around to telling my story, did I?

Now is as good a time as any, I suppose. I before told you all before that my memory of things is not exactly accurate and in many places, not there at all. I do, however, know that I first saw the Gentleman sometime in the 1930's. How or why I saw Him is knowledge that was lost to me many years ago. For a time, I ran. Just as many of you do now, I then believed Him to be a monster, and I was fearful for my life. The time soon came though, as it inevitably does, when I could run no longer. And so I stopped running and instead I waited. Waited for Him to come and end my existence. And so He did come. But it was not for my life as I had thought, no, He came offering salvation. I had been wrong about Him, for He was no monster, not a demon, but an angel, a servant of the Lord. He made me an offer, He wanted me to join Him and go with Him on His quest. I would aid Him in saving others, as He had saved me, and I would punish those who would not allow themselves to be saved.

Obviously, I accepted.

And so that is what I have done for many years. I have been, as you would call me, a proxy. I have brought many to the side of the Angel and I have punished many who would not repent. Simple work, the kind you have all seen and read of many times by now. I feel I need not go into much detail. I am fairly certain however, that I was not in Germany during World War II. At least not the first time. As time passed, I rose up the ranks, becoming one of the Angel's most elite. I was given a special assignment then, and special abilities with which to carry it out. The Master gave me a mastery over time itself. That was where my troubles began. At some point I was assigned to kill the man known as Dr. Abendroth. I was still young then, and not fully prepared for what I was to find when I met my target.

The details of the incident are part of what was taken from me. But I can tell you that it did not go well. I do have vague flashes of remembrance from after the event itself. I was nearly dead.

I was only really saved by being put into stasis. The Master took me to the other side, where I spent many years at a time being rejuvenated. I returned to this side every couple of years to continue doing His work, but whatever the Doctor had done to my body, it would always return and eventually it would cripple me again.

During the last time period that I resumed operation, I came across a young man who had only recently stumbled across the Angel, and who seemed quite eager to join our side. So I was assigned to train him in our ways. He was an impulsive and not altogether sane young man, but his zeal for our cause was never lacking. I was quite proud with the way he turned out, and I have seen him continue to do quite well since I have been back.

There is not enough Time that I should be able to tell of all the things I have done, even were I able to remember all of them. I apologize for the above being perhaps not the most full account of things that I could give, but I am a very old man after all, and anyone's memory might have failed them after as much as I have been through.

Alas, all things must come to an end, and my Master has informed me that mine is nearing ever closer. For what end I have been allowed to remain in this world so long, I know not. Only that some great game has been played behind the scenes, and that in someway, my death shall allow the Master his victory. So long as it is at the appointed time. I go to it willingly, for there is no greater cause than to serve Him.

Now, I fear I have rambled on for very long.