Thursday, December 8, 2011

Re: Knights


ssh0uld be deadyet

y0u DAMN r3dlight wannabe. did y0u like that? i h0pe y0u did, i wr0te it myself, just especially f0r y0u

It appears that Ridley has obeyed my instructions and sent the lady to train with Dr. Abendroth. Good. Everything needs to be kept quite shipshape and orderly; too many people going their own way and there would be too many variables in the equation. There are too many variables in the equation as it is, but not so many yet that we are unable to keep the situation under control. Everything is moving along smoothly. I would very much like to keep it that way.

Ridley, you just keep doing what you are doing. We shall meet again when it is necessary.



  1. did you get them g00d i'll just bet you did ARChangel

    Ghosts crowd the child's fragile eggshell mind

  2. Alejandro Coronado. The Slender Man's once-great 'archangel.' How far you have fallen.

    The Apostles of the Red Knight shall not be so easily eliminated.

    Your death is long past due, old man.

  3. he went into the room where his sister lived, and

    then he

  4. Don't worry about a thing, old chum. I've got the situation well in hand here.

    You just deal with your own troubles. You seem to have several.

  5. th3y w0nt STOP

    d0nt ev4r st0p

    but ill find the3m all s00n en0ugh


  6. Rel3ased them fr0m dead 0nce before at any rate

  7. Such a sad display there, 'Archangel.'

    You really ought to let me just put you out of your misery.