Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tick Tock

Nancy and I were able to enter the 'knight''s hideout with minimal resistance. The organization was quite small from the beginning, never consisting of many more than about 50 people at one time, and having lost around 20 members in the Blackwelder incident, they were woefully understaffed. We sent a dozen to hell before they brought out the big guns. Scarlet was more than a little agitated at our appearing, and decided this would be a fine time to to test drive one of their abominations.

The 'knights' had been recently performing some unholy experiments with the Master's bl00d. Not bl00d, but there are no mortal terms with which to compare it. They injected it into four of their followers, creating a devilish looking creature. One of them chewed off half of my hand before I was able to decapitate it. So tired. Lost an eye to another and then stabbed my cane through its heart. Nancy fared slightly better, fought the other two off and only lost a finger.

Getting too old for this. Only a little bit longer.

Faced down Scarlet and her elite guard then. If we could have finished them off it would have been over then. Then again, I suppose it would not have mattered either way. The 'Guardians' arrived then. Breakaway sect, or at least that is why the 'knights' claim they hate them. In reality, the 'Guardians' were around first; they infiltrated the 'knights' to steal information, and may also have been responsible for misleading them to get them massacred against Ridley's team. The 'Oracle' was swift and deadly, beheading Scarlet before she even knew what had hit her. Cannot continue. The rest of the guard were down quickly enough, leaving only Nancy and myself standing.

"I apologize, Iscariot. But I did have my eye on her first."

I was only barely able to block his first attack, but I was less fortunate with his second. Broke my leg. Then they left. Don't know what the point of it was. Could hear police sirens outside. Nancy had to drag me onto the Path. Was not...

It burned my lungs as I passed through it. Never before have I had that happen to me. I no longer feel within me the powers the I once possessed. I...

The 'knights' are no more. There are just a few more tasks left for me to do.

Nearly the end.

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  1. Their blood can do terrible things. I'm surprised that things didn't go worse than they did.