Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is this madness I feel?

Was it madness that made me kill the child? Or was it madness that made me believe she ever existed in the first place? I freed myself from their manipulations, so then it must be my own mind that is working against me now. It was inevitable, I suppose. No mortal can long control such knowledge as I have come to possess and old age has not made it any easier. Perhaps I was even wrong about them, perhaps it was all in my head to begin with.

No, that is not true.

However, it is too late. These fools do not realize that what they worship is only a servant Itself, and not the Master. Not the true Master. They must be punished for their blasphemy.

I killed seven of them the other day. And then I killed Dolly. That is to say, I killed the idea. Oh, they were right. I am quite mad. Praise be to the Lord and to his Dark Angel. Them I shall continue to serve until my last breath.

The madness has begun, time runs short. The END is near, my children.

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